"Abduction" is a final season episode of the Outer Limits revival series (1995-2002) that first screened in 2001. It is notable for its controversial subject matter, inspired by the Columbine High School mass casualty incident.


An alien abducts five typical teenagers and decrees that one of them must die.

Opening Narration

When a heart has been turned cold by anger and grief, can patterns of destructive behavior be averted or are they predestined?


An alien kidnaps five high school students, and tells them that one must be killed. They must decide which of them it will be. The five students are: Ray (Zachary Ty Bryan), a typical jock, Danielle (Meghan Ory), the hottest girl in school, Jason (Jesse Moss), a stereotypical geek, Brianna (Kandyse McClure), a devout religious girl, and Cody (Jesse Cadotte), the social outcast. It is later found out that Cody had a gun with him, and had planned a shooting spree at the school. The alien abducted the five students and gave them the ultimatum to force Cody to think about the consequences about killing everyone in sight. The five students are transported back to the time they were abducted and Cody turns himself and his gun over to the principal.

Closing Narration

In an ever more complex and dangerous world, vigilance and guidance is needed for those most vulnerable to its cruelties... our children.


Zachery Ty Bryan...Ray

Jesse Cadotte...Cody Phillips

Don Kline...Principal

Kandyse McClure...Brianna Lake

Jesse Moss...Jason Stewart

Meghan Ory...Danielle Hobson

Eric Schneider...Alien Inquisitor

Kevin Conway...The Control Voice

(voice) (uncredited)

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