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"After Life" is an episode of The Outer Limits television series. It first aired on 19 May 1996, during the second season.


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A criminal wrongly convicted of murder is given a choice: to be the subject of a dangerous experiment with alien DNA, or the death penalty.

Opening narration

“When the machinations of fear collide with man's inventive genius the result can be both irreversible and terrifying.”


Stiles is a man wrongly convicted of murdering eleven people. He is offered a choice between execution and cooperating with an experiment. His religious beliefs don't allow him to choose execution, which would amount to suicide, so he is forced into participating in a genetic experiment to splice his genes with extraterrestrial DNA.

As a result, Stiles changes into what appears to be a horrific monster with enhanced senses and mental capacity. His captors allow him to escape so that they may hunt him down. When the end comes near for Stiles, the tables turn as aliens resembling the now completely mutated Stiles appear. The aliens and Stiles beam away, leaving his pursuers to realize that they were being tested by the aliens and that they had failed the test.

Closing narration

“Can the true reason we so fear the unknown be that we know ourselves...too well?”


The technology tied directly to the biological signature of its originating race is remarkably similar to one of the central conceits of the more recent film District 9.


Clancy Brown ... Sergeant Linden Styles Barbara Garrick ... Dr. Ellen Kersaw Duncan Fraser ... General Post Alan Rachins ... Maculhaney Sean Allan ... Priest Robin Mossley ... Doctor Mig Macario ... Lab Tech (as Michael Andaluz) Richard Leacock ... Taylor Garvin Cross ... Hawkes Terry Howson ... Alien

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