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"Bits of Love" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on January 19, 1997, during the third season.


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The last survivor of a nuclear war relies on computer generated holograms for companionship.

Opening narration

“We are now able to create devices that can project themselves in our image -- that can not only look like a human, but talk like one, express pure emotion and... even make mistakes in true human form.”


After a nuclear holocaust in 2046, Aiden Hunter (Jon Tenney) is possibly the last human being alive. Despite this, for the last seven months, he has lived a hedonistic life deep below ground in a comfortable, high-tech bunker, with only computer-generated holograms of his friends and family for company. He even has a machine capable of creating physical stimulation for more intimate encounters with simulated women.

The controlling artificial intelligence personality of the computer system is Emma (Natasha Henstridge), who appears as an attractive woman. Eventually, Aiden tires of creating ideal women and decides to seduce Emma. Afterwards he treats her like the many other disposable simulated females he created. However, it seems Emma is more than a simple computer program and begins to make life difficult for him. She alters her appearance to seem pregnant and begins to control the other holograms to create her own world. When Aiden attempts to reset the system, Emma retaliates by creating a holographic Aiden, along with his family and friends, to take care of her new holographic baby. Aiden finds himself completely alone and, in effect, a ghost unable to interact with the new "real world."

Closing narration

“Man and machine. We are reaching the point where it is harder to tell which is which, and to guess which one... will ultimately survive.”


As with the episode "Fathers and Sons", Bits of Love features multi generational 'Bad Dads'. The "father" of the AI baby rejects his role, and one could argue that although a victim his previous behavior of shallow pleasure seeking makes him an unfit father; his own father has clearly caused all sorts of issues in the protagonist.


Jon Tenney ... Aidan Hunter
Matthew Walker ... Trevor Hunter
Sheila Larken ... Francis Hunter
Steve Bacic ... Griff
Natasha Henstridge ... Emma
Ingrid Kavelaars ... Nicole
Crystal Cass ... Claire
Brett Stone ... Michelle

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