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"Corner of the Eye" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It was first broadcast on 19 May 1995 during the first season.


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A priest begins to see horrific demon creatures amongst the ordinary population.

Father Jonascu is on Skid Row handing out blankets to the bums. The police roll in and starting roughing up the crowd.  Jonascu is knocked to the ground in the chaos.  A cop asks if he is alright, but when he turns to the cop, he sees a demon in a police uniform.  Looking a second later, he sees a human cop.

He tells his assistant he thinks he is losing his mind.  Understandable, because whoever heard of a priest believing in something supernatural.  One of the bums knows that Jonascu saw the demon and begs him to tell others.  Father Jonascu will not offer this slight comfort.

Opening narration

In a world filled with darkness, Father Anton Jonascu's faith has long been a beacon of light for those in need. But now the good father finds himself at a crossroads, in danger of losing his way.


Father Anton Jonascu (Len Cariou) begins to have strange hallucinations — one moment he sees perfectly ordinary-looking people, the next they have changed into terrifying demon creatures. He visits Dr. Pallas (Chris Sarandon), and a medical scan reveals an inoperable brain-tumour that seems to be the cause of his hallucinations.

Jonascu continues to see the creatures, and finally collapses during a sermon. He returns to the doctor and explains his predicament further. Dr. Pallas injects him with a drug that causes temporary paralysis and explains that he wants to introduce Jonascu to some friends. Pallas opens a door and two of the demon creatures enter... and Pallas also reveals himself as one of them.

After Jonascu has calmed down, Pallas and his associates explain that they are not demons, but alien creatures and that all Earth religions are actually based on teachings from their world. They are here to give the power of healing to humanity, but are unable to reveal themselves because their appearance would terrify humans. One of the aliens gives her life to pass on the gift of healing to Jonascu—however, Jonascu is asked not to reveal the aliens' presence or the origin of his gift.

Jonascu heals a girl who was badly injured in an accident, and the press finds out making him an instant celebrity. He tries to explain the situation to his skeptical colleague Father Royce (Justin Louis). After a few days, the aliens request that Jonascu call a worldwide press conference to reveal themselves, and they also tell him that he has a betrayer close to him, Father Royce.

Father Royce overhears the aliens plotting to destroy the atmosphere and discussing how to use Jonascu; but they catch and kill him.

Jonascu finds Royce's body, but is stopped from calling the police by Pallas. Pallas explains that he was not there when Royce died and could not help him... and that he died from an embolism, the same cause of death of another person involved with the aliens.

Jonascu goes to the morgue where Royce's body is kept and uses his healing ability to revive Royce. He then goes to the press conference with Royce to stop the Aliens. Father Jonascu dies after a fight ensues between him and Pallas leaving Royce as the sole human survivor of the power.

Closing narration

From the dawn of time people have believed that angels walk among us. Some believe that demons are also in our midst. But who's to say exactly what form either will take? They could be your spouse, your boss at work, even the person sitting with you... right now.

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Len Cariou ... Father Anton Jonascu Louis Ferreira ... Father John Royce (as Justin Louis) Chris Sarandon ... Dr. Pallas Bill Croft ... Officer Fletcher Callum Keith Rennie ... Carlito Tamsin Kelsey ... Victorine Tamara Stanners ... TV Reporter Paul Raskin ... Morgue Attendant Vanessa Morley ... Miranda Terry Arrowsmith ... Fletcher Demon Kymberly Sheppard ... Victorine Demon Andrew McIlroy ... Pallas Demon

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