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"Déjà Vu" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on July 9, 1999, during the fifth season.


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A teleportation experiment goes wrong, the wormhole it created expands and engulfs the scientists. Suddenly, they're back to the day before, but only one man seems to remember what happened.

Opening narration

We exist in time. Moving forever forward through moments in our lives. Moments that which, once experienced, can never be relived, or can they?


Doctor Mark Crest (Kevin Nealon) is a scientist in charge of a teleportation experiment, overseen by his friend, Colonel Lester Glade (Ronny Cox). The initial test goes well at first, but eventually the teleportation field destabilizes, growing out of control as the failsafe mechanism refuses to engage. Dr. Crest attempts to cut power to the device and is electrocuted just as the expanding field overtakes him. Abruptly, he finds himself back in the lab, some 18 hours before the test is to be conducted.

Initially, Crest believes the episode to be a form of déjà vu, but when the test proceeds exactly the same way Mark realizes he is stuck in a time loop. Through the iterations he tries to solve the mystery that caused the experiment to go wrong. He believes he has found the problem after discovering an eco-terrorist, Julie (Jennifer Copping), among his workers, but despite stopping her tampering the test fails again.

On the next iteration Crest brings his colleague Doctor Cleo Lazar (Terri Hawkes) through the time loop with him, finding himself several hours closer to the test than before. Mark and Lazar realize the time loop is getting smaller. Aided by Lazar, Mark also realizes that the "saboteur" must be Colonel Glade, suspecting he has modified the device to behave more like a weapon. When Lazar and Crest attempt to stop the next iteration of the test Glade reveals his involvement, stopping their efforts moments before the field overtakes them.

With the time loop down to two hours, Cleo causes a series of software problems to cover Mark while he goes to the test site in an effort to undo Glade's modifications. Glade eventually realizes what is happening and confronts Mark at the test site, shooting him before he can finish undoing the Colonel's alterations. Glade remains next to the bomb, not believing that the failsafes have been disabled until the device activates, enveloping him while leaving Mark untouched.

In the aftermath, Mark and Cleo oversee shutting down the project, now deemed a failure. The final scene shows the Colonel stuck in an infinite loop, repeatedly reliving the moment the device detonates and engulfs him.

Closing narration

We exist in time. Moving forever forward through moments in our lives. Moments that which, once experienced, can never be relived. Or can they?


  • Kevin Nealon as Dr. Mark Crest
  • Terri Hawkes as Dr. Cleo Lazar
  • Jennifer Copping as Julie Alger
  • David Lewis as Oakridge
  • Ronny Cox as Col. Lester Glade
  • Dean Marshall as Corporal Hanford
  • Angela Moore as Rutherford