Dark child

First Aired: January 4, 2002

In “Dark Child,” a traumatized single mother (Nora Dunn) tries to keep elements of her past---including an alien abduction---from her daughter (Katherine Isabelle).

Single mother Laura Sinclair is a woman with a past. But not the kind one usually thinks of or, in fact, anyone will believe. Seventeen years ago Laura was abducted by aliens, but no one would accept her story as true. Now she is confronted with the horror of those memories again, when a tabloid runs a piece on alien abductions and she is prominently featured. The article and her recurring nightmares threaten to distance her from her moody teenaged daughter, Tammy. But Tammy's new English teacher, Marcus Fellows seems to have quite a positive effect on her. Laura seeks him out and discovers that she too, is drawn to this relaxed, attentive man who seems strangely familiar to her. As her flashbacks continue, Laura begins to suspect that she and Marcus have a shared past, but why has he come back now and what does he want from them?


Andrew Airlie ... Marcus Fellows Gracie P. Aylward ... Lucy (as Patty 'Gracie' Aylward) Rhonda Dent ... Young Laura Sinclair Kathleen Duborg ... Karen McDonald Nora Dunn ... Laura Sinclair Danny Dworkis ... Harry (as Danny Danado) Chris Gibson ... Pharmacist Katharine Isabelle ... Tammy Sinclair Christine Kennedy ... Candace Brandy Kopp ... Marilyn (as Brandy Heidrick) Neil Schell ... Dr. Campbell Jane Sowerby ... Susan Dallas Thompson ... Allyson David Thomson ... Mr. Garvey

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