In the various Outer Limits episodes, either the human race or all life has ended on various dates in different ways. This page records all of these various Doomsdays. Since most if not all of them are mutually exclusive it is likely that each Doomsday scenario exists in its own, parallel, reality within the story.

Doomsdays by date

Below is a list of Doomsdays that have a specific date.

July 24, 1997: In the episode of the Revival Series "Resurrection" humanity was wiped out along with all mammalian life on this date. On August 8, 2001 according to a monument, the last humans perished and were buried in a mass grave. 12 years later a few hundred androids survive, running their own machine society.

Date Unknown, 1998: A virus is released and circulated worldwide by a doomsday cult, resulting in the loss of almost all human life. There are a tiny handful of immune survivors but not a breeding population. ("The Vaccine")

21 July, 2001: On this date an alien plant releases her seeds on the wind in a large city. Given the voracious nature of the predatory plant species, it will rapidly destroy all animal life on Earth. ("Flower Child")

25 August, 2001: This is the date on which the Mac 27 Innobotics android goes rogue and ultimately releases an army of duplicates. This may well be a limited impact isolated incident rather than a doomsday, however if there is a parallel world where it resulted in the extinction of the human race - perhaps that of the episode "Resurrection" - this is where it began within that universe's continuity. ("In Our Own Image")

November 3, 2046: In the episode of "Bits of Love" a nuclear war has annihilated all life on the surface of the Earth and there is but one known human survivor.

Date unknown, 2084: In the revival series episode "The Human Factor", all human life is extinguished in 2084 AD by a nuclear holocaust. The handful of survivors of that disaster then arrive on Ganymede which has been rendered uninhabitable for them in an engineered disaster by a suicidal military man.

Date Unknown, 2148: In the episode "The Man Who Was Never Born" the world has been destroyed by a biological disaster that begins in the last quarter of the 20th century created by a scientist named Bertram Cabot, Jr. Whilst a time loop guarantees this outcome will occur, a new timeline is created in the episode where the disaster does not occur.

Date Unknown, 2163: An alien computer virus that can transfer to the electrical component of the human nervous system infects the crew of a spaceship. The same virus is then downloaded to Earth, infecting the entire human race with a psychosis-causing virus that will inevitably doom humanity to total extinction in the time it takes everyone to kill each other and themselves. ("Manifest Destiny")

October 13, 2964: In the episode "Demon With A Glass Hand", the Kyben aliens have descended from the sky and destroyed all human life on this date. A counterweapon has also eradicated all life and will persist for 200 years, meaning there can be no restoration until October 13, 3164 at the earliest.

Partial Doomsdays

April 12, 1996: A solar flare wipes out half the Earth, boiling the sea and incinerating the land on the half facing the Sun. The other half of the planet is wrecked and almost all human life wiped out. Massive flooding, fires and super-hurricanes devastate the planet. There are a handful of survivors. ("Inconstant Moon")

February 14, 1997: A chemical rain exposes 95% – 97% of the earth’s population to a sterilyzing agent called Teradoxyn. “The birthrate of viables has already fallen to near-zero.” Although there is an optimistic note at the end of the episode "Dark Rain" for an individual couple and their baby, the tiny number of viable pregnancies probably means that the human race will decline and become extinct in a relatively short period of time.

March 3, 2000: In the episode of the Revival Series "Trial by Fire" humanity was defeated on the evening of the US Presidential Inauguration Day by a species of aliens seeking peaceful coexistence who humanity attacked out of fear. It is possible that only America and Russia were destroyed in this episode.

Date Unknown, 21st Century: In the episode "Phobos Rising" a failed anti-matter experiment on the Moon destroys half of Earth as well as wiping out the Moon itself. This does not immediately make the human race extinct but the ongoing effects amount to a wiping out of a huge number of people.

Date Unknown, 21st Century: In the episode "The Deprogrammers" the children of Earth have been exterminated and the adults turned into sterile immortal slaves with deep mind control destroying their will. There is mention of a resistance so there is a relict population of fertile humans but in insignificant near-extinction low numbers.

Date Unknown, 21st Century: In the remake of "Nightmare" half the western hemisphere is annihilated by a doomsday weapon triggered after the extremely ill advised and risky exercise goes horribly wrong.

June, 2059:In the episode Final Appeal Part 2 this is the date when over six billion people died and the world voluntarily entered a technological dark age. This may be related to the episode "Stream of Consciousness".

Doomsdays without an exact date

Deadman's Switch: in this episode the world is conquered and the human race exterminated by alien parasite invaders. However, shortly after the 366th day after the aliens' appearance, a surviving human controlling a doomsday device will expire, and with his death the doomsday device will activate, killing all life on Earth.

The Light Brigade: in a future time aliens trick a valiant crew into dropping a subatomic bomb on Earth instead of its original target the hostile aliens' homeworld. The bomb will destroy the Earth completely.

The Origin of Species: at some point after the 1990s, humans began to experiment with genetic engineering to the point that after creating a variety of mutants the entire species became infertile and went extinct.

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