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I, Robot is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on July 23, 1995. It is a remake of "I, Robot", an episode of the original series.

Like the original episode, it starred Leonard Nimoy.


Dr. Link is working on the central memory of a robot, Adam, when it suddenly activates and attacks him. A lab assistant enters the room in time to see Adam smashing up the laboratory before crashing through a window and escaping. Dr. Link is left dead. Some time later, a police officer finds Adam in a back alley. It asks the officer to contact Dr. Link, and it apparently remembers nothing of the incident. Adam is taken to a cell and preparations are made to disassemble it. Mina, Dr. Link's daughter, contacts a lawyer, Thurman Cutler. Cutler pushes for a murder trial, insisting that Adam is his client and not simply a machine. A court hearing begins, and the prosecutor pushes for dismissal of the case and immediate disassembly on the grounds that Adam is just a machine. Cutler argues that, although Adam is clearly not human, it possesses intelligence and will, and on that basis, deserves a trial. During the hearing, one of Dr. Link's colleagues reveals that he had lost his funding. Cutler begins to look into Dr. Link's financial records and finds that he was working for a defense contractor, and eventually discovers that he was working to turn Adam into a weapon. Cutler is threatened by a shady representative of the defense company, but brings the matter up in court anyway. He argues, with supporting evidence of financial accounts and company memos, that Dr. Link was forced into attempting to rewrite Adam's central programming, effectively lobotomizing it. Adam reacted in the way any human might when faced with death. The court eventually finds that Adam is a person and will stand trial for the murder of Dr. Link. As it is being led away, Adam sees the prosecuting attorney in danger of being run over and rescues her, sacrificing its own life in the process. Leonard Nimoy, father of co-director Adam Nimoy, co-stars in both this episode and the 1960s Outer Limits version of "I, Robot," albeit as different characters. Neither version has any connection to the famous "I, Robot" stories of Isaac Asimov who took the title without permission to use for his own work.


Cynthia Preston ... Mina Link (as Cyndy Preston)
Barbara Tyson ... Carrie Emerson
Nathaniel DeVeaux ... Col. Birch
Leonard Nimoy ... Thurman Cutler
Ken Kramer ... Judge Clancy
Eric Schneider ... Detective Barclay
Robert Clothier ... Dr. Linstrop
J.B. Bivens ... Security Guard
Robert Moloney ... Lab Technician
Don MacKay ... Dr. Link
John Novak ... Voice of Adam (voice)