Innobotics Corporation is a robotics manufacturer. Its corporation name is a portmanteau word combining "Innovative" and "Robotics".

Innobotics is a fictional android manufacturing company that featured prominently in two episodes of the television series The Outer Limits, Valerie 23 and Mary 25. Both episodes featured androids played by Sofia Shinas and the troubles caused with their integration into family life.

It produced the Valerie 23, Mary 25 and other robots all of whom were eerily lifelike androids simulating human beings, with disastrous results.

Several episodes contain plot threads that link them together. For example, the "Innobotics arc", the story of life-like androids created by the Innobotics Corporation, runs through these episodes: "Valerie 23", "Mary 25", "The Hunt", "In Our Own Image", and "Resurrection".

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