Johnny cuthbert

Johnny Cuthbert was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada. He began studying acting at a very early age at the Ottawa Little Theatre and appeared in his first film, The Perils Of Priscilla at age twelve playing the role of Handsome Harry. He moved to Montreal to study at the prestigious Concordia University Theatre Department.

Upon graduation Mr. Cuthbert formed a professional theatre company with playwright Vittorio Rossi. Mr. Cuthbert was Artistic Director of Montreal's renowned Back Alley Players theatre company. The theatre troupe won countless awards at theatre festivals in Quebec. It was around this time that Mr. Cuthbert began to work professionally in film and television, appearing in CBC television productions like 'All the Years' and in films such as Dead Man Out (1989) with Danny Glover.

Mr. Cuthbert moved to Vancouver in the 1990's.

He has appeared in over sixty films and television shows including, The X-Files (1993), Supernatural (2005) and 'Continuum'. He has spent the last twenty five years working on a variety of film and television productions in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Mr. Cuthbert lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife actress Kaaren de Zilva.

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