Lawrence meyers

After graduating from Cornell University with an A.B. in Chemistry, Lawrence Meyers went on to complete his M.A. in Film from the USC School of Cinema-Television. There he was discovered by producer Lynda Obst and shortly thereafter sold his first feature film script, "SuperKids" to 20th Century Fox with both Ms. Obst and legendary Marvel icon Stan Lee attached as producers. Larry went on to write over 20 hours, and produce 60 hours, of television programming across all genres, and sell another feature film script to Warner Brothers with Toby Jaffe attached as producer.

Larry's first book, "Teacher of the Year: The Mystery & Legacy of Edwin Barlow" was published in 2009, and chronicles the mysterious life of his high school math teacher. The book is a cross between "Citizen Kane", "Tuesdays with Morrie" and "Saving Private Ryan". His second book, "Inside the TV Writer's Room: Practical Advice for Succeeding in Television" was published in 2010, and contains in-depth conversations about the creative process with today's top television writer/producers.

In 2006, he co-founded a private equity venture, PDL Capital Inc. The venture focused on providing low-cost short-term loans directly to consumer; working-capital commercial loans to other lenders; brokering high-yield financing, strategic investments, and distressed asset purchases for private equity.

Larry is regarded as one of the nation's experts on alternative consumer finance. He consults for hedge funds and private equity via his Council Member status at Gerson Lehman Group, and as a member of Coleman Research Group's Executive Forum. His Op-Eds have appeared in over two dozen major newspapers.

His investigative journalism and public policy writings have covered a diverse arena of issues, many drawing on his knowledge of chemistry and economics. He has provided clarity for policymakers, and the public, on subjects including fragrance chemistry, vaccine manufacturing, fisheries, statins, biofuel, tobacco taxation, siloxane D5, and the popular keratin hair-straightening treatment.

He also pens articles on popular culture.

His latest projects including animated short films, "Making Scents", "Making Scents: No Secrets", and a short documentary, "The Story of Fragrances", all of which he wrote, produced, and directed. He is presently writing a play based on the 1912 axe murders in Iowa.

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