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  • I just posted a new comment yesterday about the above two episodes. Since you seem to be the main editor of this Wiki, I will repeat it here on your wall in the hopes that you can clarify which episode is which, etcetera. Thanks, Invader97.

    On Wikipedia and IMDb, "The Sandkings" (season 1, episode 1,2) is considered to be a single long episode, since the two parts of this episode were shown back-to-back on the same night. I agree with that, and I think the subsequent episodes should each have their episode numbers reduced by one. In the same vein, in my opinion, "Final Appeal" (season 6, episode 21,22) should be considered to be a single long episode number 21 (since the two parts were also broadcast back-to-back on the same night).

    Another more important fact I have noticed is that, on several internet sites, current episodes 15 and 17 in season 1 are either "The New Breed" and "Caught in the Act" respectively, or the other way around!! So I have no idea which one is episode 15 and which one is episode 17. I hope someone reading this has some definitive facts about which one was broadcast first. Another issue with this is that half the websites indicate the broadcast date of episode 17 to have been July 1st, 1995 (one day after episode 16) and the other half as July 9th, 1995. July 9th seems more likely to me, since it is in between the dates of the previous and the subsequent episodes. Also, the next episode (18) was broadcast on July 16th, exactly one week after July 9th. I am really hoping that someone can solve this mess with facts!

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    • I think the basic problem is the different first broadcasts in the USA as opposed to the UK. In Great Britain the order was different. Also Sandkings was broadcast as one movie length episodes in some regions.

      I will research your questions but I urge everyone to do the same :)

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    • I look forward to hearing about what info you have found.

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    • Haven't had a lot of time lately to do it but it is on my whiteboard. :)

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