Mikela Jay - Narrator of THE CORPORATION, on Intersexuality

Mikela Jay - Narrator of THE CORPORATION, on Intersexuality

Mikela Jay is known for her work on No Night Is Too Long (2002), First Wave (1998) and Andromeda (2000).

Mikela Jay has had a vast and varied career, both in front of and behind the lens. As a teenager, she was scouted and became a top model appearing in magazine spreads and covers, billboards, ad campaigns, commercials, runway and music videos around the globe. This eventually led to Mikela becoming a singer herself, fronting a handful of electronic-based bands both in Canada and in much of Europe, since 1994.

Film and television eventually beckoned Mikela with an assortment of lead and guest star characters, ranging from two very different roles on Millennium, to super diva (Future Sport), burlesque dancer (The L Word), 1950s religious housewife and mother (Talking To Heaven), 1930s courtesan (Passageway), and the head of the FBI (Brotherhood Of Murder), to name just a few of her most challenging roles.

Taking a leave from acting, Mikela dived deep into the documentary film world, starting with the mega-hit Canadian docu-feature and multi-award winning 'The Corporation'. Director/Producer Mark Achbar initially hired her to be the 'Creative and Organizational Catalyst' while the film was in post-production, with Mikela eventually supplying both the temp and eventual final narration. She continues to narrate a number of other hard-hitting documentaries including 'Pax Americana', Scott Noble's documentary film series 'Psywar', 'Human Resources, 'The Power Principle', and 'Counter-Intelligence', as well the voice of numerous in-house tech videos for Cisco Systems Inc.

Mikela has also worked as film editor, creative consultant and project manager. She continues to produce and sing as a solo performer, in addition to being one of the founding members of performance group MAGT (

Specialties: art, editing, film production, organizational skills, acting, singing, production, proposal writing, video, video editing, videography, writing, narration, The Corporation, Cisco

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