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Rebecca Warfield (Peri Gilpin) and her husband Ben McCormick are trying to find out if out-of-body experiences can be artificially induced by subjecting monkeys to electric impulses. They see it as pure science, but to religious groups like Family Foremost, it is sacrilege. Desperate for funding, Rebecca decides to run the experiment with a human subject: Rebecca herself. She asks her assistant, Amy, to help. Amy, a secret religious fanatic, alters the experiment. Rebecca escapes from her body, but, unless she finds a way to communicate, she will remain trapped in another dimension.


Peri Gilpin

... Dr. Rebecca Warfield

Victor Garber

... Dr. Ben McCormick

William B. Davis

... John Wymer

Joely Fisher

... Amy

Alan Robertson

... Dr. Minkoff

Richard Sargent

... Carl Haven

Elan Ross Gibson

... Woman

Stephen Tibbetts

... Campus Cop

Allixandra East

... Nurse

Wally Dalton

... Jason

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