Production and Decay of Strange Particles
Season 1, Episode 30
Air date April 20, 1964
Written by Leslie Stevens
Directed by Leslie Stevens
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Production and Decay of Strange Particles is the 30th episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It aired on April 20, 1964, during the first season.


At a nuclear reactor, technicians Collins and Konig are working at the reactor core when an emergency team brings in an irradiated quasi-stellar sample. They place it in the shielded core, and Collins remains behind to keep it from touching the isotopes... and his suit fills with strange blue energy consuming him.

Opening narration

In recent years, nuclear physicists have discovered a strange world of sub-atomic particles, fragments of atoms smaller than the imagination can picture, fragments of materials which do not obey the laws of gravity. Antimatter composed of inside-out material; shadow-matter that can penetrate ten miles of lead shielding. Hidden deep in the heart of strange new elements are secrets beyond human understanding-new powers, new dimensions, worlds within worlds, unknown.


At a nuclear plant, Dr. Marshall places a sample from a quasi-stellar body in a cyclotron. The sample emits visible light and radiation, and the emergency team places it in the plant's reactor. The energy creates a "rip" in the fabric of time/space to another dimension, and energy beings come through. They fill the hazmat suits of anyone sent to stop them, disintegrating the people inside, Only Dr. Marshall and his wife Laural can stop them before they engineer an explosion that will widen the rift and destroy Earth in the process.

Closing narration

As Man explores the secrets of the universe, strange and inscrutable powers await him. And whether these powers are to become forces of destruction or forces of construction will ultimately depend upon simple but profound human qualities: Inspiration. Integrity. Courage.



Cinematographer - Kenneth Peach

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