Replica 2

"Replica" is an episode of The Outer Limits television series. It first aired 27 April 2001. It is the seventh episode from the seventh season of The Outer Limits.


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A biogeneticist (Peter Outerbridge) illegally clones his comatose wife (Sherilyn Fenn).

Opening narration

“God is said to have reached into the firmament and made mankind in his own image. But whose image will be mirrored when we gain the same awesome power?”


The clone demonstrates that she has all of the original's personality and memories. After a short time, the wife awakens from her coma. She is shocked to learn that she had been cloned, but plots with her husband to dispose of the clone. The couple and the clone begin a cat-and-mouse game. The clone declares that she wants to survive, and that she is truly in love with the biogeneticist. When the situation looks dire, the two women stop and have an idea.

In the final scene, the biogeneticist has been revealed to have cloned himself, providing his wife's clone with a suitable mate. The two couples now live together in peace.

Closing narration

“The desire to be an individual is one of humankind's deepest longings, surpassed only by the will to survive.”


Sherilyn Fenn ... Nora Griffiths / Nora's Clone Peter Outerbridge ... Zach Griffiths Garwin Sanford ... Peter Chandler Kwesi Ameyaw ... Dr. Adam Meares Michele Bogdanow ... Nurse Derek Peakman ... Dr. Pastore John Treleaven ... Investor Ginger Broatch ... Young Nora (as Haili Page) Lindsay Jameson ... Nora's Mother J.M. Landry ... Nora's Father

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