Sci Fi - Outer Limits Promo - 2002

Sci Fi - Outer Limits Promo - 2002

Outer limits aliens

There's many reptilian like species covering the episodes of the Outer Limits.


These aliens can be seen in "Quality of Mercy" and "The Light Brigade", they are said to be 9 feet in height and are anthropoid looking. They have discovered the ability to change their image to look like humans replacing the scalp of females.

Two types of Reptilians can be seen on the episodes first the guardians presumably males for their height they are mostly wearing armor and a face, the others being females said to be smaller in size.

They appear to be omnivorous and feed on an insect like creature.


The alien being that abducts the children in the episode Abduction is reptilian in appearance.

The Hanen

This dinosaur-like pacifist and vegetarian species show humans the secrets of interstellar travel in the episode Think Like A Dinosaur

The Deprogrammers

The Torkor, a race that enslaved the humans they can be seen in the episode with the same name.

Feasibility Study

The enslavers race, is somewhat unclear to be reptiles however it can be denied these thin creatures show similar characteristics.


The shapeshifter in the episode Stranded seems to be reptilian, as well as fish-like.

To Tell the Truth

The alien race native to the human colony world in this episode are reptilian shapeshifters.

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