On July 24, 1997, humanity destroyed itself in a biological war. On August 8, 2001 the last humans perished and were buried in a mass grave. Now only a few hundred androids remain. 12 years later, two of the androids have a plan to recreate the human race from DNA samples... but the ruling military androids are violently opposed to recreating their former masters.

Opening Narration

We have always been fascinated with the prospect of renewal. Built into the very fabric of our self-conscious is the desire for resurrection, a rebirth of body and soul... a second chance.


The remaining androids are split into two basic types: servile and military. They live in a small encampment that, before the war, was an android/human interaction facility for the Innobotics Corporation. Two servile androids, Martin and Alicia (Heather Graham), recreate a human male, Cain, from DNA samples protected during the war. They hide and educate him in a cabin in the 'prohibited territory' away from the main android encampment. Martin is a member of the android council, the governing body of the remaining androids ruled by the military android, Moloch. Moloch and his military run constant searches for any remaining humans to ensure that humanity can never return.

Martin uses his relatively powerful position on the council to arrange food and equipment for the cabin. Cain eventually begins to explore on his own, and is forced to destroy a military android to escape capture. This alerts the military androids to the possible presence of a human. Another servile android betrays Martin, claiming that the best way to serve humans is to keep them from being alive since they will only destroy themselves again. Martin is questioned and 'concluded' (meaning, executed) by Moloch.

Cain and Alicia sneak into the encampment and find Martin partially dismantled and crucified while the other servile androids are forced to watch — a demonstration of what will happen to any android caught aiding humans. Cain is discovered, and a full scale operation to find him begins. Realizing that there is only one way to save Cain, Alicia tells him about the central power grid: a way to disable all the remaining androids; including herself.

Cain finds his way into the central Innobotics facility and switches off the system, leaving all the androids powerless and frozen. He returns to the cabin to find that Alicia has set the equipment to create more humans... and a human female is waiting for him.

Closing Narration

We live. We die. We live again. If we accept the tenuous fragility of our planet and ourselves, perhaps we can avoid the necessity of rebirth in the distant future. Perhaps we can begin the second dawning of humankind... today.


Heather Graham ... Alicia Nick Mancuso ... Martin Patrick Keating ... GX-17 Dana Ashbrook ... Cain Ken Kirzinger ... Moloch Brad Loree ... Patrol Android Fawnia Mondey ... New Human (as Fawnia Louise Mondey)

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