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After her husband is killed in a car accident, Nancy Henninger rents out her backyard apartment to try to make ends meet. But her teenage son, Zak, is suspicious of her new tenant, Harry Longworth, who says he has come to the suburban community of Hunterville to set up a new factory for his company. When three people disappear from town Zak decides to conduct his own investigation.

For far too long, Zak sees Harry Longworth as the villain of the situation before it becomes obvious that in fact he is a government agent, finding and capturing aliens who have possessed human bodies in an irreversibly fatal process for the human host.


Judd Nelson ... Harry Longworth Garry Chalk ... Detective Frank Dayton Barbara Tyson ... Nancy Henniger Shaun Johnston ... Parker Kaj-Erik Eriksen ... Josh Dayton Larry Musser ... Detective Pete Button Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Zach Henniger R. Nelson Brown ... Bum David Abbott ... Herbert Lowry Reg Tupper ... Walt Coghlan Erica Carroll ... Elizabeth Andrews

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