"Stranded" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on July 30, 1999, during the fifth season.


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A neglected boy (Adam Hann-Byrd) finds comfort in an alien.

Opening narration

“The longing for adventure and discovery burns in the heart of every child. But no drive is stronger than a child's need for a parent's love.”


Kevin Buchannon is a high school outcast. He is picked on by jocks and ostracized by the other geeks. One day, while out in the woods with his dog Cody, he finds a space ship crash landed and a mysterious stranger inside. The stranger calls himself Captain Turner, and he instructs Kevin on how to bandage him up and heal the wounds he has suffered in his landing. Turner explains to Kevin that he has been flying a top-secret experimental aircraft. He momentarily loses consciousness, revealing his true form—he is really a telepathic, shape-shifting alien named Tyr'Nar. He tells Kevin that he is an interplanetary law enforcement officer who was transporting a fugitive prisoner back to his world when the prisoner broke free and caused the ship to crash.

When Kevin first finds Tyr'Nar in the wrecked ship, Tyr'Nar is pinned under heavy debris from the crash and can not move. He puts a thin patch on the top of Kevin's hand, which gives him super human strength. It is explained that the patch is a neuro-muscular enhancer. Tyr'nar gave him the patch to lift the debris off of him. As kevin is leaving the wrecked ship to head back home, Tyr'Nar lets him wear the patch home, saying that you never know when you can use a little extra strength. The patch allows him to fight back against the bully he has encountered at school, seriously injuring the bully in the process. Tyr'Nar and Kevin grow close through the support and understanding the alien gives the boy.

It is ultimately revealed that Tyr'Nar is himself the prisoner, not the law enforcement officer. Tyr'Nar reveals his sinister side when Kevin's dog runs back to the spaceship without Kevin, and is devoured by Tyr'Nar. Later, Kevin's friend Brad is walking in the woods alone and finds the space ship. He goes in to explore it and see Tyr'Nar. However Tyr'Nar, who is able to read people's thoughts, has assumed the shape of Cindy, a popular and attractive cheerleader at the school whom Brad was thinking of at the time. Brad is attracted to her, lets his guard down, and gets close enough to be attacked by Tyr'Nar. Brad is killed by Tyr'Nar to keep from revealing the ship to anyone else.

Kevin goes back to the ship carrying his father's tools. Tyr'nar had requested them under the guise of fixing his ship. However, it is revealed that as a prisoner himself, he is wearing an ankle bracelet that keeps him from leaving the ship without being disintegrated. While Kevin is producing the tools, his father arrives and confronts the alien. Kevin's father discover Brad's body hidden in the ship and a fight ensues. Kevin gives his father the strength patch to help him fight Tyr'Nar, and during a break in the fighting, Tyr'Nar is able to cut the bracelet off his ankle. The bracelet is thrown to the side of the ship, near a perimeter zone that sets off the bracelet. Both his father and Tyr'Nar scuffle and end up in the same area as the bracelet. One of the two touches the bracelet and is disintegrated. We then see Kevin's father lying there alone, looking dazed. Kevin and his father walk back home together and Kevin admits that Tyn'Nar could have killed him, but his father states that Tyr'nar was quite fond of him and that he saved his life. During a hug, it is revealed that Tyr'Nar had taken the father's form. It is implied that the alien intends to live with the Buchannons using the father's form which Kevin accepts. Kevin had never been close to his father, who favored Kevin's more popular, athletic brother. But now Kevin and his father are very close.

Closing narration

“It is said that love and truth walk hand in hand. But if the need is great enough, can we learn to love a lie?”


A virtually identical alien race, albeit one that showed no shapeshifting ability, appeared in the first season Stargate SG-1 episode "Fire and Water".


Adam Hann-Byrd

... Kevin Buchanan

Chris Potter

... Captain Turner

Lynda Boyd

... Danielle Buchanan

Myles Ferguson

... Brad

Daniel Hugh Kelly

... Alex Buchanan

David Kopp

... Josh Buchanan

Will Sanderson

... Nelson Tyler

Danielle Evangelista

... Cindy Parker

Chris Wilding

... Mean Kid #1

Jonathan Ndukwe

... Mean Kid #2

Sal Sortino

... Janitor

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