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A man comes home from work, to his seemingly luxurious apartment building. Having to share the elevator with two other attendants seems to distress him; we soon learn that all of the building's inhabitants live solitary, isolated lives, all their needs catered to through technology. But the self-imposed isolation has gone so far that when an old lady has a heart attack in the hallway, nobody is willing to leave their apartment to help her. The situation is brought to a head when the building's computer control systems malfunction, and the residents find that they must cooperate or die.


Chris Eigeman ... Caleb Vance
Torri Higginson ... Alyssa Selwyn
Kim Hawthorne ... Morgan Winters
Jody Racicot ... Oren Edgar
Gerard Plunkett ... George
Brenda McDonald ... Mrs. Eikenberry
Madeline Elder ... Self-centered Woman

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