The Human Factor is the eighth episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. It aired on November 11, 1963, during the first season.

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At an outpost in Greenland, an officer (Harry Guardino) begins losing his grip on reality after the death of a soldier whom he commanded into an icy crevice. Haunted by the soldier's specter, the officer decides that he must detonate an atomic bomb to obliterate the crevice, and the outpost as well. The post's doctor uses a unique mind probe in an attempt to understand what is driving the officer mad. When an unexpected earthquake causes the probe to malfunction, the minds of the doctor and the officer are switched. This switch enables the insane officer to make plans to detonate the atomic device in the guise of the doctor, while the real doctor is confined to a padded cell.

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Cinematographer - Conrad Hall