The Invisibles
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date February 3, 1964
Written by Joseph Stefano
Directed by Gerd Oswald
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Opening narration

You do not know these men. You may have looked at them, but you did not see them. They are newspapers blowing down a gutter on a windy night. For reasons both sociological and psychological, these three have never joined or been invited to join society. They have never experienced love or friendship, or formed any lasting or constructive relationship, but today, at last, they will become a part of something. They will belong. They will come a little closer to their unrealistic dreams of power and glory. Today, finally they will join th... I almost said the human race, and that would have been a half-truth, for the race they are joining today is only half human.


A Government Intelligence Agency (G.I.A.) agent is sent to infiltrate a fascist organization, which is actually the cover for an alien invasion. The aliens are monstrous parasites born in the darkness between the stars who puppeteer human hosts.

Don Gordon stars as Luis Spain, a seemingly friendless, disaffected man who, along with other men just like him, are recruited to join a secret organization called the Invisibles, which turns out to be run by the state governor named Hillerman (played by George Macready), who has been taken over by ages-old, parasitic, tick-like creatures from outer space that need human men as hosts so that they can be placed near high positions of government in order to take over the country's leaders. Spain must find a way to stop them, which wont be easy...Neil Hamilton and Richard Dawson costar as co-conspirators. Memorable looking and sounding creatures are the highlight of somewhat rambling plot, with overtones of both "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers".

Some critics have seen clear homoerotic overtones in this episode.

Closing narration

You do not know these men. You may have looked at them, but you did not see them. They are the wind that blows newspapers down a gutter on a windy night and sweeps the gutter clean.



Cinematographer - Conrad Hall

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