The Outer Limits spans over 56 years of stories, with a strong focus on humanist speculative fiction, monsters and creatures from other worlds, and dark or horror elements of tales of suspense. This wiki is an attempt to create a comprehensive encyclopaedia of all episodes of the Outer Limits.

In all of its incarnations The Outer Limits has never chosen the safe option in story telling nor has it shied away from controversial subject matter, content or moral positions. For this reason even in its most dry or slowest episodes there is still provoking and intriguing content. Click on the episodes category in the category list below, and start exploring! But be warned, The Outer Limits is highly addictive! You can earn many different Badges by helping to edit and expand this fandom wikia site as well! Join in!

This wikia has been a labor of love for many years and has passed through many hands. The current efforts are direct at restoration and collaborative improvement of all pages to the same higher standard. Please, participate in this process however you feel able!

Outer Limits by Ricardo Delgado https://ricardodelgadoart.blogspot.com/2014/01/outer-limits-re-post.html

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