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"The Tipping Point" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on September 15, 2001, during the seventh season.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Opening narration
  • 3 Plot
  • 4 Closing narration
  • 5 Trivia


A computer programmer must destroy a deadly artificial intelligence and avert a technological singularity.

Opening narration

When we awaken an intellect within our machines, will we enter a new enlightened age or a much darker one?


A woman, Megan, brings her hacker boyfriend, Zach (who had formerly hacked into the Pentagon), into a high-tech company. Programmers there begin dying off as he, only able to see his own small part of the puzzle, tries to figure out what exactly he's programming.

Clues start showing up, including glasses that can see some sort of electrical humanoid enemies (who have been the ones killing programmers). Zach realizes that someone known as "Merlin" is supplying him with clues about a program called "Prometheus", a sentient AI which will try to take over the world once programmers finish building interfaces which will allow it to control every electronic device in the world.

Zach is given a virus that will destroy Prometheus, but is stopped at the last minute and is almost killed.

In the end, it is revealed that Megan was "Merlin", and Zach betrays her to Prometheus.

Closing narration

In trying to create machines that think, we should take care that we don’t

end up creating a new race that will supplant our own.


This episode mentioned the website as part of the storyline. At the time, this domain led to The Outer Limits' website on


Rob Bruner

... Bryce

Jim Byrnes

... Voice of Merlin

Erica Carroll

... Energy Being

Jonathan Cherry

... Andy Wilson

Allan Gray

... Prometheus

Anthony Harrison

... Detective Saunders

David Lovgren

... Evan

Gus Lynch

... Logan

Gabrielle Miller

... Megan

Kerr Smith

... Zach Burnham