The time machine from the episode "Breaking Point" is a complex piece of non-portable machinery.

  • Description of the technology: A raised circular platform, about 10 feet in diameter. About 6 arms

extend about 4 feet from the ground around its perimieter, shooting light rays at the user, standing in the center of the circle. As it works, light shoots from the ground around the user, hiding the user from view, encapsulatiing him in light. The time machine is immobile - the user uses it by standing on it.

  • Nature of task or activity: Time travel - forwards and backwards through time.
  • Performance of the Technology:

Not all of the bugs have been worked out - after using it the first time, the user has a nervous break down. Also, it appears the blood vessels or the blood itself sometimes grows hard, causing the person using this device to have veins noticeably stick out from the neck and head.

  • Description of creator(s): Dr. Andrew McLaren - white, 30's, a scientist working for Anderson Technology.
  • Major goal(s) of creator(s): to advance science.
  • Description of users of technology: Dr. Andrew McLaren, white, 30s.
  • Type(s) of presence experience in the portrayal: both
  • Description of presence experience: It is unnerving, unusual, and upsetting. He witnesses traumatic events.

The time travel itself is instantaneous, but seems a little painful.

  • User awareness of technology during experience: yes.
  • Valence of experience: unpleasant.
  • Specific responses:

feelings of self-motion (vection), involvement, distorted memory and social judgments, emotional disturbances, nervous breakdown.

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