Promised land 3

The Tsal-Khan or the New Masters are a race that conquered Earth and enslaved mankind.

Twelve generations since the 21st century, humanity lost the war against the Tsal-Khan. After the war the Tsal-Khan or New Masters as they forced their humans slaves to call them, interned the entire human race into work camps on the planet. Earth was mostly left untouched, as the planet was poisoned during the war, making all organic plant life inedible and poisonous. The work camps were mostly seen as a measure to slowly wipe out humanity under the direction of their android wardens.

Contrary to how the humans portrayed them, the Tsal-Khan have values similar to humans. Living and caring for one another in family units, holding loyalty and compassion for one another.

The Tsal-Khan appeared in the episode "Promised Land" and they or another race are referred to in the episode "The Camp".

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