Please stay calm in isolation

The current plague panic gripping the world is very bad, and an unprecedented event. It affects all of us. Even in the tropical regions where the virus is not infecting masses of people, those countries are so dependent on the economy of the developed world that huge changes have struck them too.

But through all of this please try and distract yourself sometimes. As silly and old fashioned as it sounds, please try and think happy thoughts and take a break from the news cycle. The news cycle thrives on bad news and conflict. That won't help your mind while you are isolated or FEEL isolated. Reconnect online however you can.

If in any small way this wikia or Fandom as a whole can help please use the resources here. Page through the entries on this amazing tribute to love and support of our favorite actors, stories and series.

We will get through this bad time, never doubt it.

All the best.

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