"What Will The Neighbors Think"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 9
Directed by Helen Shaver
Written by Alan Katz
Production code 4622
Original air date 23 April 1999
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What will the neighbors think

"What Will The Neighbors Think" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on April 23, 1999, during the fifth season.



Mona wants to stay in her apartment building The Clackson Arms, at any cost...

Opening narration

How well can we ever know our neighbors? Perhaps we might better ask, how well do we want to?


Mona, a married woman in an unneeded wheelchair, is a bit of a hypochondriac. One day while down in the basement, she sees two of the people in her building having sexual intercourse together. She hides from view, but in the process is electrocuted. When she recovers she finds her head filled with voices, which she eventually recognizes as the thoughts of the other residents of the building.

The building Mona lives in is being sold out from under the residents to a company named KM Enterprises, and many of the residents are for the sale. Mona uses her newfound ability to blackmail the other people of the building into opposing the sale. Unfortunately, the manner in which Mona blackmails them leads them to distrust one another even more, making existing tensions between them even worse. Eventually the tension causes a large confrontation between the blackmailed residents, who wind up killing each other.

During the confrontation, Mona is electrocuted again; when she comes to she finds the voices have ceased. She returns to her apartment and is greeted by her husband, but before she can speak to him the voices return, louder and stronger than ever. As she flails in distress her husband explains that he is the sole owner of KM Enterprises, and also reveals what "KM" stands for: Kill Mona. Despairing and overwhelmed by the voices, Mona leaps out her upper story window to her death. Her husband then calmly turns off the stereo, halting the tape of overlapping voices Mona had been hearing.


It is notable that this is one of only a handful of Outer Limits episodes where it seems there is no paranormal or supernatural element at all, and where in this case even the setting is not fictional or derived from a science fiction trope. A similar but more fantastical episode is Tempests.

The apartment complex's name "The Clackson Arms" is named after co-executive producer of the series Brent Karl-Clackson. It was also referenced in the Outer Limits episode Zig Zag.


As this intentional romp races along from set piece to set piece, it's easy to overlook the gaping plotholes. For example, if it is an audio recording being used to make Mona think she has telepathy, why doesn't anyone else hear it?

Closing narration

It is said that our relationships deepen as secrets give way to truth. It may be, however, there are some stones better left unturned.


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